PDO Thread Lift Treatment in San Diego County

At our San Diego County medical spa, we proudly offer the cutting-edge PDO Thread Lift Treatment, a transformative non-surgical solution for those seeking enhanced facial rejuvenation. Priced at $2000, this procedure utilizes FDA-approved Miracu Polydioxanone (PDO) threads, which are super-fine, medical-grade sutures known for their lifting and tightening capabilities.

PDO Thread Lift Revolutionary Facial Rejuvenation Technology

The PDO Thread Lift employs a unique method where fine threads are passed under the surface of the skin to lift and support sagging tissues without the need for invasive surgery. This treatment not only provides an immediate lifting effect but also stimulates the natural production of collagen, further improving skin texture and firmness over time. The process includes:

  • Immediate Skin Lifting: Provides an instant lift to sagging facial tissues, offering a noticeable improvement right after the procedure.
  • Collagen Stimulation: Over time, the PDO threads will be absorbed by the body, promoting natural collagen production that enhances skin elasticity.
  • Minimal Downtime: Compared to traditional surgical facelifts, this treatment requires minimal recovery, allowing you to resume daily activities promptly.

Benefits of PDO Thread Lift

  • Enhanced Facial Contours: Targets specific facial areas such as jowls and cheeks, refining the overall facial structure for a more youthful appearance.
  • Reduces Signs of Aging: Effectively lifts and tightens the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Customized Treatment: Each procedure is tailored to meet individual aesthetic goals, ensuring results that complement each client’s unique facial anatomy.

Treatment Plan and Duration

The PDO Thread Lift is a quick, typically hour-long procedure carried out in our state-of-the-art medical spa by experienced practitioners. While results are visible immediately, the full benefits develop over time as new collagen is formed. To maintain the best results, treatments might be repeated as needed based on individual skin conditions and aging processes.

Why Choose Our Med Spa?

Our San Diego County medical spa is renowned for expertly delivering specialized non-surgical aesthetic treatments. We are committed to using only the highest quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure safe and effective results.

Book Your PDO Thread Lift Consultation in San Diego County

Elevate your beauty with our PDO Thread Lift Treatment. Schedule a consultation at our medical spa in San Diego County today to find out how this advanced procedure can rejuvenate your appearance with precision and care. Our skilled specialists are eager to help you achieve your aesthetic aspirations with lasting, beautiful results. Discover the potential of PDO threads and experience a renewed sense of confidence.

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I started Call of Beauty, because I believe in the beauty of authenticity and the power of natural-looking results and a dedicated relationship to my clients. 

My approach to aesthetic enhancement begins with the foundation of all beauty – your skin. Specializing in medical-grade facials and educating clients on a holistic skincare philosophy, I am dedicated to nurturing your skin to its healthiest state using a combination of internal and external collagen producing procedures like Sculptra, Microneedling, PRP and exosomes paired with a personalized and affordable skin care program.

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