Lip Augmentation Treatments at Our San Diego County Medical Spa

Achieve the fuller, more voluptuous lips you've always desired with our professional lip augmentation services. Located in San Diego County, our medical spa specializes in enhancing lip volume and shape using the latest techniques in dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and other top-quality products. Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic change, our expert team is dedicated to creating beautiful, balanced results that complement your natural features.

How Lip Augmentation Works

Lip augmentation at our spa involves the careful injection of hyaluronic acid-based fillers into the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body that helps increase volume and attract moisture, resulting in plump, hydrated lips. The procedure not only adds volume but also improves the shape and structure of the lips for a more defined smile. The specific type of filler used can be tailored to your desired outcome, with options including:

  • Juvederm Ultra XC: Ideal for overall lip fullness.
  • Restylane Kysse: Designed for a more natural look and feel.
  • Juvederm Volbella: Perfect for subtle volume and smoothing fine lines around the mouth.

Lip Augmentation Treatment Process

Lip augmentation is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that typically takes less than 30 minutes. We use a fine needle to inject the filler into the lips, focusing on balance, symmetry, and your specific aesthetic goals. Our skilled practitioners ensure the process is as comfortable as possible, applying a topical numbing cream to minimize any discomfort.

Lip Augmentation Results and Longevity

The results of lip augmentation are immediate and can last from six months to over a year, depending on the type of filler used and individual factors like metabolism and lifestyle. The lips may swell for the first 24 to 48 hours, but this subsides quickly. Follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain the desired volume and plumpness.

Lip augmentation is safe when performed by our experienced, certified injectors. We use only FDA-approved, high-quality dermal fillers, ensuring a safe and effective treatment. Side effects are typically mild, including temporary bruising or swelling at the injection site, which quickly resolves on its own.

Why Choose Our Med Spa for Lip Augmentation?

At our San Diego County medical spa, we pride ourselves on providing a luxurious, supportive environment where your comfort and satisfaction are paramount. Our team is highly trained in the latest aesthetic techniques and committed to delivering personalized results that enhance your natural beauty.

Book Your Lip Augmentation Consultation Today

Ready to transform your look with luscious, beautifully contoured lips? Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our San Diego County medical spa. Let us help you achieve the perfect pout with our expert lip augmentation services.

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I started Call of Beauty, because I believe in the beauty of authenticity and the power of natural-looking results and a dedicated relationship to my clients. 

My approach to aesthetic enhancement begins with the foundation of all beauty – your skin. Specializing in medical-grade facials and educating clients on a holistic skincare philosophy, I am dedicated to nurturing your skin to its healthiest state using a combination of internal and external collagen producing procedures like Sculptra, Microneedling, PRP and exosomes paired with a personalized and affordable skin care program.

With a strong foundation, my clients are primed for advanced treatments including;
Wrinkle relaxing injectables like BotoxDysport, and Jeuveau and feature enhancing fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse.

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